Civic Space in Development and Humanitarian Action

GAME, Enghavevej 82D, 2450 København SV.
04-03-19 - 05-03-19

On 4-5 March 2019, Global Focus and members will host a two-day international conference in Copenhagen on civic space in development and humanitarian action. At the conference, governments and international civil society organisations are expected to commit to tangible strategies to counter attacks on civil society as a key aspect of implementing Agenda 2030.

Key-note speakers from around the world will share experiences of concrete counter strategies and 8 thematic workshops will address the necessity to interlink goal 16 to other goals, to ensure a comprehensive approach to civic space in development and humanitarian action.

Thematic workshops:

  • #MediaToo – Shrinking Space for Independent Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Children and Young People as Civic Actors
  • How to Engage with Religious Actors Role in Defining and Defending Civic Space
  • Civic Space in Humanitarian Action
  • Private Sector and Civic Space
  • Civic Space for Environmental and Indigenous Activists
  • Gender and LGBTIQ+ Specific Challenges and Responses
  • Role of National Human Rights Institutes

For more information, please contact, Sara Katrine Brandt, Civil Society Advisor at Global Focus, at

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